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It there had been any exciting moment on the previous episode of RAW, it should be the return of the Wyatt Family and Sasha Banks. Sasha Banks did save WWE Diva Paige out of the bruse of WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte and her aide, Dana Brooke.

Long before now, the WWE fans has been expecting the return of Banks; her sudden appearance was not a surprise because fans was pleased when WWE inserted her into the title picture immediately upon her return.

Well, according to there will possibly be feud against her and the women’s champion Charlotte in SummerSlam. The match has been promised to be seriously advertised so as give notice.

Anyway, with the look of things, this match will seem to be the breakup of the WWE women’s division. This is a form to cheer fans and to make them really happy with the recent happenings of things in the WWE.

Conclusively, this is to say that Charlotte versus Sasha Banks will be announced for SummerSlam and it is going to really mean a threat to both athlete. What do you think?