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Before this last episode of the WWE Monday night RAW, it has often times been announced that Chris Jericho has been added to a triple threat match against Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens contending for the WWE Universal championship title.

The match became the dream of almost everyone in the WWE Universe and beyond because we all know that Jericho and Owens are best of friends. So, everyone came in the auditorium to watch what will happen between them in the ring.

Before the match, Chris Jericho was seen in backstage with Stephanie McMahon discussing the match to her. From their discussions we saw that Jericho is not pleased with the match card at all and almost requested that he would not partake of it.

Stephanie presented no room for Jericho to make a wish of not performing in the triple threat match and while Jericho was still trying to make Stephanie understands, Stephanie said that if Jericho would not perform in the triple threat match at the Monday night RAW, then he would be suspended. The match did go well but unfortunately, Jericho and his friend Owens lost it.