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The return of CM Punk is something every WWE fan is hungry to see owing to the fact that he was such a wonderful star when he was with the company.

He left the company nearly two years ago, following a number of issues he had with the WWE management, Vince McMahon inclusive.

The hand written was clear, the WWE Chairman and CM Punk were not in good terms and that frustrated him to leave the company for UFC.

And ever since he made his way to UFC, he is yet to do a single match. One thing or the other just kept keeping him away from fighting; with the latest being back surgery.

Yes, everyone including Vince McMahon has started kicking that the 37-year old former WWE Superstar should consider returning to the WWE fold but he has been adamant. Punk has time after time categorically stated that he’d never return, and that even if he doesn’t come back to WWE, he could wrestle in other places.

Punk would be having his first match this summer against 24-year old New Jersey native Mickey Gall, and many have seen that match as one that is not good enough for the former wrestler owing to the fact that he currently suffers poor health and his age counts against him.

However, if the likes of Bret Hart — who was the victim of the Montreal Screwjob — can find their way back to the company, then one day, possibly this year, Punk will return eventually.

Let’s see how it goes with him; keep you posted…