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Be it as it may, Cody Rhodes is a onetime wrestler who will not easily be forgotten by the whole of the WWE Universe. Ever since his stay as a wrestler, he has won tremendous prizes and could have even won more if he had chosen to stay.

In two different occasions, Cody Rhodes has won the Intercontinental Championship and has also won the tag titles six times. Rhode has a name which he uses to post things on Tweeter and this is @PrinceCGR and this seems to be his personal account.

Before Cody Rhodes was released by the WWE, he sent out a Tweeter message indicating that he is leaving the company. Cody Rhodes has become a household name in the field of wrestling and he has indeed captured the hearts of most fans out there.

Reacting to the message Cody Rhodes posted on Tweeter, his wife Eden Stiles who is a ring announcer in the company as well posted on Tweeter using her own Tweeter handle. @RealEdenWWE. You will see all tweets below.

The point is this; Cody Rhodes is not upset with his release at all because he has wished for it for a long time.