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WWE is still pressing forth to ensure that Wrestling entertainment really gives what the people deserves by going to get more talents from other outlet of sports entertainment.

It was rumored earlier that WWE would be signing in top UFC fighter Connor McGregor into the WWE main roster so as to ensure strength in the WWE. It is revealed that Conor is one of the most celebrated UFC talent in the history of boxing.

Connor McGregor created history at UFC 205 after defeating Eddie Alvarez to become to first dual champion in UFC history. McGregor was on top of his game at Madison Square Garden’s, knocking Alvarez off his feet thrice in the first round before KO-ing him in the second round, putting on one of the most dominant performances of his career.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, WWE are really interested in signing Conor McGregor, although he didn’t have any further details.

We revealed earlier in the year how WWE were interested in signing a couple of UFC stars for Wrestlemania 33 and their interest has only grown since then, especially in the case of Conor McGregor who is probably the most famous MMA fighter in the planet right now.

McGregor took shots at WWE on Twitter in August and a lot of fans and pundits speculated that it was a work building towards an angle in the future. If Conor doesn’t have his next fight scheduled till after Wrestlemania 33, there could be a good chance of WWE signing him up for the ‘grand daddy of them all’.