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The case as it is now with the WWE, several contracts of various superstars will soon come to an end and it is most likely that the WWE will not even care of renewing some of the talents contracts which means that there will be room for release as planned by Triple H who want to bring in lots of NXT superstars into the WWE main rooster.

The story of his conflict with the WWE is no longer news to us. Ryback has been away from the WWE Company due to a contract conflict which he had with the company. This conflict was because Ryback demanded that the payment of both major and minor wrestlers in a particular are equalized, that is to say, he wants both the losers of a given to earn same amount with the winner. This was not a difficult task for the WWE but they chose not to grant it for if they do, anybody can then make a wish.

The WWE bluntly refused the demand and since then, Ryback has been seen as a prodigal brother. Though, Ryback is still in the WWE partially waiting for his contract to expire before he say final goodbye to the company. The question has always been, when is the contraction terminating? There has been rumor over the months that the contract will soon expire and definitely will be in summer but no specific date was given.

Recently, news has emerged that the Big Guy himself has revealed the date of his contract expiration and this was revealed via twitter. The tweet states that his contract will expire on August 8th or October 19th and report states that his contract will expire on circumstances basis which is yet to be revealed. But whatsoever the circumstances may reveal, the reports still remain that Ryback’s contract will not be renewed come what may.