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Former WWE superstar Daniel Bryan has retired due to life threatening injury. Bryan did not retire at the time he should, he was forced to retired. But Daniel has got a plan and he would not disclose it to any WWE official.

Daniel is still very young and hearty, he is in his 30s. So, knowing that he still has life to live, he plans going back to his profession. Bryan said that he would be leaving the WWE and be signing in the New Japan Pro-Wrestling. He claims that this idea will pay him much good. He said that the signing in will give him chance to work with Ring of Honor and Mexican partner CMLL.

It is so obvious that the New Japan Pro Wrestling has great interest for the signing in of Bryan, so they just can’t wait for his contract with the WWE to expire. There was a report by the NJPW associate that Bryan will in no wise return to the ring soon.

According to, the NJPW is eager to have Daniel Bryan for their company but they were so confused when Bran changed his mind. The WWE on their own side has ordered the wife Bryan, Brie Bella not to use the terms retire each time she talks as it will bring the company’s name to disrepute if it is noted that all her members are retiring due to injury.

Now the question is, will Daniel Bryan ever negotiate a signing contract with the New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW)? The answer is simple, just stay online always and you will get the updates.