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Observably, Dean Ambrose is the only member of The Sheild that was drafted to SmackDown like where as, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were all drafted to The RAW brand.

WWE has been dropping a lot of hints lately and while those hints could just be a way to pay homage to the anniversary of The Shields debut at Survivor Series three years ago, it seems that WWE could be also dropping hints of Dean Ambrose leaving Smackdown live and joining up with his old shield teammates on Raw. The latest of these hints happened on Raw this week when Ambrose decided not to attack his former Shield bretheren and instead turned his attention to Kevin Owens during the standoff between Raw and Smackdown.

Another hint was dropped that there would be some kind of Shield reunion when Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns used their signature powerbomb maneuver to throw WWE Champion, Aj Styles out of the ring and to the floor with the rest of his Smackdown Live teammates. While it is again entirely possible that WWE is either simply paying homage to The Shield with it being so close to their anniversary or just trying to use Shield nostalgia to get Roman Reigns over with the crowd, it is also possible that Dean Ambrose not attacking his former bretheren is a sign that The Shield will be reuniting soon.

Unfortunately, there are problems with this theory, the biggest one being that Ambrose would need a reason to leave Smackdown live and most likely wouldn’t at this point in time with a title shot only two weeks away. Maybe WWE could have Ambrose win the Royal Rumble and then challenge for The Universal title, but that would mean that WWE would have to keep the title off of Roman Reigns and throw his main event push away. WWE could also have the two general managers make a bet with each other that whoever wins gets to pick a superstar of their choosing from the others brand, but nothing like that has been announced yet.

What do you think? Possible or not? let us know in the comments below and tell us what your favorite Shield memory is.