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In recent times, the three former Shield brethren, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose has all been privileged to enjoy some time as the WWE world heavyweight champions.

Dean Ambrose got the title from Seth Rollins after his money in the bank match. In the long run, Dean Ambrose had to defend the title in a triple threat match against his former brethren and fortunately, he retained the title and at that, he is still the WWE champion until date. He had also defended the title against Dolph Ziggler and defeated him to still retain his title.

It is revealed now that WWE is not pleased with Dean Ambrose as the WWE world heavyweight champion because he attracts low ratings to each event. It is reported that Dean Ambrose’s in-ring work ethic is deserving of a title reign; but his ability of transcending his character to be strong enough to please more than just the hardcore fans has been severely lacking. The look of Ambrose does not exude any factors of a star, and this has been detrimental to his progress as champion.

Furthermore, Dean Ambrose as the WWE champion has done really nothing to attract more viewers, could this mean that Dean Ambrose may end up losing the title to AJ Styles? This is what it should mean because the overall fanbase are not showing much confidence in Ambrose either.

Conclusively, according to source, per Showbuzz Daily, the most recent go-home show to the Backlash pay per view – which closed with a faceoff between Ambrose and Styles – drew the lowest rating since the brand split nearly two months ago. This does not bode well for the “Lunatic Fringe”, as he is at the helm of the blue brand. Dean Ambrose may not retain his title at BackLash.