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It really seems that the era of Vince McMahon in the WWE has finally come to an end and with no benefit of doubt, we can say pretty soon than expected. Vince McMahon is the prior owner of the WWE Company and has been running it for some years since it was founded. Vince McMahon split the Company into two profitable platform which are the RAW and SmackDown brands respectively with commissioner in each. Shane McMahon his son runs SmackDown where as Stephanie McMahon runs RAW.

It is reported that Vince McMahon will stop being a part of the company when he can stop making money off of it or when he dies, whichever comes first. We cannot predict which ever one will come first as Vince McMahon is still very much strong and vibrant to still ownership of the company, and also the company will for many years be yielding income. Which means, the departure date of Vince McMahon is still some how far?

More so, if we’re being honest, that probably means he’s going to have some role with the WWE until he takes his last breath, since he’s managed to make WWE a highly profitable endeavor across several decades now. This means that the death of Vince McMahon will be the end of his WWE career and claim of ownership which he is.

Well, the scar of many years is still there in the WWE today; the scar is the sign to show that the days when every decision on the screen could be chalked up to Vince himself are seemingly behind us, at least to a degree. Report states that the WWE was once a battleground for lots of talents with so much reputable and more respected traditional skills of wrestling. Wrestling now is different from that of then.