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WWE DRAFT, Stephanie Mcmahon, Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan, Mick Foley, The Draft always creates a lot of debate

As reported by CagesideSeats, some details regarding the 2017 WWE Draft have begun to circulate around the rumour mill.

Up to this point, not much had been said about the Draft, which was brought back last summer in order to re-introduce the much-needed brand split.

Many fans have been speculating as to what would be happening with the Draft this year, as it would require a completely different format considering that the aim in 2016 was to divide the roster into two sets.

The previous format featured Superstars from Raw and SmackDown attempting to win draft picks in matches, in addition to a number of pre-arranged selections.

According to the rumours, the 2017 Draft will be limited to a handful of picks that the General Managers will be able to make from either their rival brand or NXT.

Champions will be off limits, but there has been no confirmation as to how many picks exactly will be given to either show. The status of the usual supplementary draft is also unknown as of this point

Obviously, the company’s main focus right now is WrestleMania 33, but in the months following the show in Orlando, we can expect to hear a lot more details about the Draft.

Given that it will be a unique episode of either Raw or SmackDown Live, there will be a lot of ticket sales, which means that it shouldn’t be too long until we get the answers that we’re looking for, considering that WWE would want to promote the event well in advance.

Whatever the format may be, we’re just excited about the prospect of Superstars moving brands for the first time in years. The brand split has gone pretty well so far and it’ll only get better from here, which gives us a lot of confidence heading into the summer.

Plus, it could coincide with the big angles and storylines that the WWE decide to go with around the summer time.