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Ever since the brand extension of the WWE, there have been the quests for that wills the face of the blue brand which is SmackDown Live. Lots of women are in the brand anyway, but that does not give chance for all of them to be the women’s champion of brand, it must be one vibrant entity; good in mic and in the in-ring as well.

Well, it seems that the quest for the face of the brand is gradually coming to an end as Becky Lynch has recently expressed her great wish of becoming the face of the brand. Recently, during an interview with SI.Com to promote the WWE Summerslam, Becky Lynch was asked several questions which prompted her in saying that she wants to be the face of SmackDOWN Live. But before she mentioned it, she first of all announced that if it were not for Finn Balor, she wouldn’t have been a superstar Diva in the WWE.

More so, speaking concerning the face of the women’s division of SmackDown Live, she said; “We want a women’s champion on Smackdown, I would like to bring that in, but I would like to win the belt that everybody wants [WWE women’s championship]. I want whatever storyline I’m in to be the storyline that people want to watch and care about. I want to make this women’s division worth watching on Smackdown, and make Smackdown the show to watch with enticing stories and entertainment.”

Furthermore, she talked about WWE 24 concentrating on the Divas Revolution, the Irish Lass Kicker. She said: “They filmed this around WrestleMania and followed me, Charlotte and Sasha. This was one of the biggest women’s matches in history and we were on the front of AT&T Stadium, and we got a lot of press behind us coming out of the ‘Diva’s Revolution,’ which turned into the ‘Women’s Revolution’ at WrestleMania. For me, it’s never been about a revolution. Talking about a revolution sounds like a whisper, as the old song says. It was just about going out there and doing our thing—having stories where people get emotionally involved. It doesn’t matter if we’re women. It shouldn’t matter; it’s 2016.”