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CM Punk coming back to the company is one thing we have long longed to see and now, word is going round that he may just be a few miles away from signing back with the company after being released two years ago.

Yes, we agree, the 37-year old former wrestler was released in a such painful way – the day he tied the knot with his wife, A.J Lee who was also a WWE star.

And there was legal settlement with WWE, that CM Punk would never return again – hence, he has stuck to his gun that no matter what happens, he wouldn’t budge, he wouldn’t return. Never!

And that has been so, so far. However, since Phillip Jack “Phil” Brooks (CM Punk) signed with world of mixed martial arts, things have not being working for him; he hasn’t done a single match. Injuries have always tied him down, time and time again.

Oh yes, he has been training, he has been scheduled to have his first match in UFC 199 or UFC 200 in July against Mickey Gall, but word has it that that match may never happen. In fact, may listen to the advice of UFC star Matt Brown and head back to WWE.

The UFC star Matt Brown was speaking on Forbes and he shared a piece of his mind when he said that it may be time for Punk to let the UFC thing die.

“I didn’t criticize him for having his surgery if it was something necessary to do,” Brown said. “I criticized him for the fact that he’s not a fighter.”

“He doesn’t deserve to fight in the UFC with no fights. I don’t believe he deserves to fight in the UFC based off the name he made in pro-wrestling and I think he’ll figure it out when he fights in the UFC, he’ll figure it out the hard way. Or he can listen to me and that’ll be the easy way to learn.”

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, newcomer Mickey Gall would beats hands down if they eventually have the match in the octagon together.

Meltzer went a step further to state that if Gall eventually beats Punk hands down, the former WWE star may make U-Turn career-wise. Could that be a return to Vince McMahon’s company? Possibly!

Yes, after being fired by Vince McMahon in December 2014, Vince McMahon appeared on The Steve Austin Show and made a note on CM Punk release. He then tender and unreserved apology to Punk for firing him from WWE on his wedding day and said that it ended up being just a coincidence.

McMahon noted that at times the legal department and talent relations are not on the same page, and mistakes do happen at such times. He went further to state that he hoped WWE and CM Punk could work together again one day.

Hence, fans are now saying a CM Punk WWE return is a matter of when, not if.