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Former WWE Diva’s Champions Natalya and Kaitlyn had a strong match at WWE SmackDown in Sep 8, 2012 and that was such a remarkable match for the duo…

Former WWE Diva’s Champion, Celeste Bonin, she is splitting up with her lover after being together since June of 2014.

Celeste Bonin who went by the name Kaitlyn while in WWE, has announced on her Instagram account that she and her husband, PJ Braun are splitting up over irreconcilable differences.

Bonin stated in an Instagram post that she was hoping that the split would be amicable but stated that Braun took ownership of the domain name of her fitness clothing company, and then shut the website down. She noted that she has created a temporary domain for the website,, and that she hopes to have the old domain name back in the next day or two. She also confirmed that Celestial Bodiez and Braun’s company, Blackstone Labs, will be divided.

According to sources, Kaitlyn revealed what is going with and her husband on Instagram as shown below this post. Report has it that Kaitlyn joined WWE some years ago fighting from the WWE NXT before finally debuting to the Company’s main roster. The Diva was privilege to be a Divas Champion at a time in her career with the company.

Having had a great experience in the WWE and also winning the heart of fans after struggling with AJ Lee, fans has been all ears to hear the return date of Kaitlyn to the squared circle of the WWE.

More so, the issue at hand right now is that Celeste Bonin, known to be Kaitlyn as her ring name is currently going through some issues with her divorce as she had revealed on Instagram. The former WWE Divas champion explained that she and her husband attempted to keep things amicable; bu the husband PJ Braun chose to cease control of her Celestial Bodiez website which has led to some problems. Well, we just hope that there be peace in the home soon.