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RAW General Manager Mick Foley was in a with Lillian Garcia and he talked WWE RAW out of points.

Discussing the issues confronting his image, RAW General Manager Mick Foley appears to have contracted it down to two. In a meeting with Lillian Garcia, the previous WWE ring host, on her ‘Advancing toward the ring’ podcast Foley referred to RAW’s term and PG rating as deterrents to the show’s notoriety.

This is what he needed to state:

“Here and there we attempt to investigate the reasons why the third hour doesn’t execute and also the initial two, and I’m similar to ‘well that is on the grounds that individuals go to bed! Nobody else at 10:30 p.m. is a PG appear. I won’t state that no matter how you look at it, yet most different projects aren’t attempting to contend inside those limits.”

It is revealed that SamckDown Live has had new life inhaled into it as far back as a year ago’s WWE Draft. The live communicating has truly helped its cause and has given its evaluations a major lift. In any case, fans are of the conclusion that it has different advantages over its Monday night partner.

In 2012, RAW transformed from the conventional two-hour run-time that SmackDown right now employments. The run-time was reached out to three hours which fans accept is one reason for the show’s evaluating issues.

The essential issue with the evaluations of RAW is that they plunge unexpectedly amid the last hour. Foley has a hypothesis with respect to why this happens. He asserted that one reason the last hour of RAW tends to battle is that the show runs so late.