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Since after the suspension of Paige and also the engagement of Alberto, the name of Paige has been called in all locations around the world.

It is obvious that Paige is currently serving the 60 days suspension given to her by WWE for violating the wellness policy for the second time and several folks in the WWE Universe has thought that she might just move away from the WWE just like her boyfriend, Del Rio did.

More so, Paige has been involved in an alcohol company where she had been a model for several months. Lately, reports states that Paige is no longer affiliated with the Blackcraft Spirits Company that Rosa Mendes’ fiance Bobby Schubenski is involved with.

It is revealed that the company is currently promoting a stand-up comedy tour with Rob Van Dam. Just after the break of the news, Paige took on to twitter and tweeted as seen below:

Furthermore, Paige was still on good terms with the company as recent as this summer when she was tweeting about them. She also indicated in an “Unfiltered” interview with Renee Young that she was some sort of partner with Bobby as he approached her about getting into the alcohol business. Paige had been a top model in the company to the extent that she even had a drink named after her and was featured in an advertisement, seen below: