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WWE has finally placed a boundary on the parts of all talents in the company in the sense that they cannot say whatsoever they are pleased to anymore.

Recent report states that the general manager of SmackDown live was interviewed by Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast where he stated that all wrestlers are no longer allowed to say what they ought to. See the highlight below:

On not being able to say what he wants on “Talking Smack”
“Sometimes, yeah. I mean, sometimes, I just say things and then, sometimes in my earpiece it’s like, ‘why are you saying that?’ And then, it’s like, ‘oh’.”

On his goal with the show:

“So my thing with Talking Smack is, I want our talent to look really good. So for example, Baron Corbin was on the show, not last week, but the week before, he was awesome. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It did great and the key is the show is not about Renee [Young] and I, like, we’re just hosts – we’re just there to bring stuff out of people, to help them.”

On talent not being allowed to speak their minds:

“The reason why guys could do that before, like, say in The Attitude Era, because it’s like, ‘yeah, fire me – I’ll go to WCW’ or in The Territory Era, ‘yeah, fire me – I’ll go to a million different places,’ right? Now, ‘fire me – actually, please don’t fire me.’ Literally, I’ve been doing this since I was 18 [years old]. I don’t know how to do anything else.”