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WWE has recorded several episodes of RAW shows since the formation of the company and it is observable that each RAW show makes the company go tough and interesting.

Roman Reigns is a top RAW superstar and currently the United States champion. It is revealed that WWE has always planned to make a match between Reigns vs Owens works out.

Sources has it that Dave Meltzer recently noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the original plans for Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens on RAW this week was to have Reigns’ US Championship on the line.

This past weekend’s WWE Live events saw Roman Reigns defeat Kevin Owens in matches where his US Championship was on the line. Those matches were originally supposed to be “Title vs Title” matches however Stephanie McMahon ruled that only Reigns’ US Championship would be on the line in those bouts.

On RAW, for whatever reason, the match was changed from being for Roman’s US Title to being for Roman to get a shot at Owens’ Universal Championship at Roadblock.