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Adam is now on a two way suspension.

Adam Rose released must be something a lot of fans have been expecting especially as the police was making investigation about what could and could have happened.

The famous superstar Adam Rose whose real name is Ray Lebban was reported to be in police custody over domestic offence. Just this afternoon report reached us that Adam Rose has been released.

Although, the release granted unto this superstar is temporal for he will be returning to court to face trail sometime in June. Painfully, Adam has been given another suspension in addition to the 60 days suspension which he was given due to wellness policy violation.

This suspension terminates until the case is resolved. So, it means that Adam is now on a two way suspension.

More so, if Adam is found guilty of the charges laid agaist him he will be released from the company. Oh, what a forceful end of career indeed. Anyway, lets see what the case will result in June but we really hope Adam Rose pleads not guilty.