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The Superstar takes to the media again.

The Media in all of its forms seems to be agog with the news of the upcoming famous and money generating WrestleMania, and the 32nd episode.

The WWE itself is on the seat and will only be allowed to stand after it has delivered praise- worthy, fan-satisfying program. For this to be, all of its talents must available when needed to make even an emergency appearance.

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Unfortunately, the company seems to have several of its big hands under the influence – injury influence, of course. One of whom is the 15-time WWE World Champion John Cena.

There have been buzzes on if the pro wrestler will recuperate in time for a major appearance at WrestleMania 32. Up to date there have many of such, all traceable to the tweets of the Superstar himself.

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But they are what they are, just buzzes. Cena isn’t expected back into the ring until July when he should have fully recovered from his injury. Sorry, wrestling fans.