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The scope that WWE covers gets broaden by the day and now they are thinking of stretching out their arms to Chicago where they also has lots of fans.

It is revealed that Chicago is the homeland of the former WWE world heavyweight champion, CM Punk. The SmackDown live event would take place at the Allstate Arena in Chicago on December 27 and this has aroused the news that news that CM Punk will be returning to the ring again at that time.

Punk recently had a chat on twitter with one of his Chicago fans and he was asked if he would eventually storm the WWE at the SmackDown live even in Allstate Arena in Chicago on December 27, the answer given to the fans was not straight forward as the former champion made his answer a little bit sarcastic.

More so, Punk’s answer was not a yes neither was it a no but just to satisfy the curiosity of the fan who really wanted to know if he would return at SmackDown live of December 27 at Chicago his hometown. See tweets below: