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With all the advertisements and promos that we have seen regarding the WWE Survivor Series, we are rest assured that the event is going to be a hit as it would be featuring talents from both RAW and SmackDown Live.

Regarding to the event also, several rumors has been reported and all of that. Many twists and turns are expected to take place when Survivor Series goes live on The WWE Network this Sunday, but could a superstar leaving WWE be one of them?

various reports states that Randy Orton and his wife were expected a child sometime around The Survivor Series pay per view and while it is believed that Orton will be at the pay per view on Sunday, there are now rumors that he will not be appearing in WWE after that for awhile. This of course would be to spend time with his wife and his newborn child, but that also means that WWE is going to have to write Orton off of television somehow.

While it is believed that AJ Styles will be the one to cost Team Smackdown the win at Survivor Series, one has to wonder if Orton will really be the one to do the deed and be written off of television after a surprise attack from The Undertaker.

Then again, WWE could also use a jealous Luke Harper to attack Orton after Bray Wyatt shows Orton more favor then Harper. They could also have Orton do a huge face turn at the just the right moment during the match and then have Undertaker attack him after he costs the team the match. Either way, this adds a little more of an edge to Survivor Series on Sunday night.