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It is very striking to hear that a superstar has resurrected from the dead. I know that the big question in the mind of WWE Universe would be if it is ever possible for this to happen?

Finn Balor was the first ever WWE Universal champion and the first superstar ever to win a huge championship title after his debut. But unfortunately for him, he had to relinquish the title due to the fact that he got injured during the match at Summerslam against Seth Rollins.

When Finn Balor sustained the injury, he stated that his career was as good as dead since he would be out for 6 months. He considered himself dead since he will not compete for that long period of time. But luckily for him he has resurrected and set to return to the ring as his Injury is gradually leaving him.

It was earlier noted that Finn Balor is no longer wearing the sling on his shoulder and has been doing various promotional appearances for WWE over the past week. He traveled from New York City to Orlando to visit the WWE Performance Center today and tweeted the following:

Wow, it is indeed and awesome report. Finn Balor may return to the WWE ring as soon as possible and may be involved for either another huge title run or will be added as a contender for the Universal Championship title which he gave up due to injury.