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Former Raw Women’s Champion, Nia Jax has finally teased her WWE exit, can report authoritatively.

Nia Jax just knows how to rile up the fans, doesn’t she? The former Raw Women’s Champion was at it again as she took to Twitter and teased a possible exit from WWE while also taking a shot at the WWE Universe.

Jax has had a notorious history when it comes to her time in the WWE. The Samoan talent was signed by WWE in 2014 and was billed to be an unstoppable force in the Women’s division.

Despite winning the Raw Women’s Championship on one occasion, Jax is infamously remembered for the number of superstars she has legitimately hurt during matches.

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The list of superstars who have allegedly been injured by Jax includes Ember Moon, Zelina Vega, Bayley, Charlotte Flair, R-Truth, and Becky Lynch. Thankfully for Becky Lynch, The Irish Lasskicker came out looking like a badass with the busted nose she suffered as a result of Jax’s stiff punch.

The fans have continuously raised questions about Jax being an unsafe worker, however, she unfazed by the accusations coming her way.

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Jax posted the following tweet on Twitter and as expected, the WWE Universe voiced their displeasure in the comments thread:

When I’m gone, who’s everyone gonna hate and pin all the injuries on? ???????? #BookingPower ????????
— ???? (@NiaJaxWWE) March 25, 2019

Despite being on course for a Women’s Tag Team Championship match at WrestleMania 35, Nia is still finding time for her plus-size modeling assignments outside WWE.

She had previously bragged about her accomplishments on Twitter. She is apparently busy, booked and has all the moolah:

Jax even took credit for the Raw Women’s title match officially being announced as the main event of ‘Mania 35 by retweeting a few fan posts:

Nia has embraced the role of being a social media heel as she continued to rub the fans the wrong way. However, she is reckless in the ring and that’s an inarguable fact.

Even if she does quit WWE, Jax can make a decent living as a plus-size model. For now, she would have her sights set on winning the Women’s Tag Team titles from Sasha Banks and Bayley.

The WrestleMania 35 title match is expected to be a Fatal-4 Way contest featuring the teams of Nia Jax & Tamina, The Divas of Doom, The IIconics and The Boss N’ Hug Connection.