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It won’t be a news to announce to you about the return of the former professional model who has really got it all well in the field of wrestling. Note that she is being described as a former professional model which means she has really enforced and invested her best in the WWE while she was in the ring and this has left her with such an honorable remark as to refer to her as a former professional model in the WWE.

Should we say then that after her reign as the champion other superstars, Divas has not emerged? There have been lots and lots of Divas champions and women’s champion since after her departure but the point is that she left a legacy behind which will work with as soon as she finally made her return to the ring this summer season. Well, I know that you may have wondering asking a question or two who she is. She is none other than the former five-time WWE Women’s Champion Melina.

Melina has been part of the WWE for some years until she left the company and was nowhere to be found around the WWE Universe again. But it really gladdens my heart hearing that she may finally make her return any moment from now and may be joining the RAW brand as the case may be. Wow, Seems like lots of superstars are making their way back since after the brand split and this will make the company to be more interesting.

More so, we last saw Melina in WWE as at 2011 where she performed in the WWE ring. Her performer as at then was marking the end of a six-year stay in the company. It is worthy to note that even at the disappearance of Melina from WWE she still had a cool and great championship reign outside WWE. She has worked in Women Superstars Uncensored, Family Wrestling Entertainment, World Wrestling Council and lots more. Well, we say welcome to the champion herself, Melina back to WWE again.