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Suspended WWE Superstar Raymond “Adam Rose” Leppan is already one step away from the company following a number of issues that has suddenly fallen on him.

Adam Rose was arrested yesterday at about 1:30 a.m. and booked just two hours later for tampering with a witness and battery domestic violence, after he had a clash with his wife.

The couple had an argument about their marriage and somehow along the line, Adam Rose seized his wife’s face and yanked her to himself and just began screaming down heavens at her.

He also prevented her from calling the police with the house phone when she made attempts to, hence he was charged with “tampering with a witness” when the police arrived.

Before the police, PWInsider reported that Adam Rose truthfully admitted that he did grab the phone in order to forestall her from calling 911.

In line with the foregoing, WWE’s policy on domestic violence implies that Adam Rose’s future is in great danger; yes, he is just as good as saying he is leaving the company.

The other reason why the company wouldn’t waste any time in seeing that Adam Rose leaves is that after Rose was suspended for a 60-day owing to a failure of the WWE’s Wellness Policy, Rose public did a post which put the company in the wrong.

He went further to post a photo of a note from his personal doctor after deleting the original post, which stated that he did not take anything without WWE’s consent or with malicious intent.

Here is the doctors note once again! I did nothing but take prescribed medication. #WWE knew about it for a year — Adam Rose (@WWEAdamRose) May 6, 2016

Then he concluded the race with these words: