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Smackdown completes a grand total of 900 episodes, in the week leading up to Survivor Series.

To celebrate this grand occasion, Vince McMahon called upon his trusted lieutenant- Mark Calaway, also known as The Undertaker to show up and make the special evening truly grand.

Considering that The Undertaker is not only one of the most trusted men in the history of the business but also universally respected and admired by everyone backstage, why would Vince choose anyone else? Moreover, The Undertaker served as the locker room leader for many years, when he was still a full-time performer with the company.

However, as is often the case, even the most virtuous men are bound to sin. The Undertaker ha really committed some sorts of crimes and we would want you to see some of them. ‘

As the leader of the locker room, The Undertaker was, unofficially, the disciplinarian backstage.

So when C.M. Punk won the world championship in 2009, The Undertaker took him aside and told him that Punk does not dress like a champion, while on the road. Punk, not one to take criticism lying down, asked why Cena was allowed to get away with the same.