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The Bella twins are not new to folks in the WWE both fans and non fan. Nikki Bella and Brie Bella are the twin warrior of the WWE. They are wrestlers with unique personalities and in ring skills.

The beauty of these sisters has kept them in mind of every individual and has kept them insight of the WWE and thus making them to have their own show, The Total Bellas which airs at the E! Network of the WWE. The main reason for this TV show is to keep their fans updated about them and thus retaining the fans even when Nikki Bella and Brie were not around.

Nikki Bella was sidelined due to injury which she sustained long ago but the results we get now is that she shall soon be cleared to return to the ring to start up her career with the company.

It is obvious that Nikki Bella’s boyfriend, John Cena was also sidelined in an injury but is back to the WWE and has become an in-ring participant and while Cena was out due to injury Nikki was also out but Cena is back and Nikki’s return also rings bell in social media.

Brie Bella, Nikki’s twin sister left the WWE because she needed to take care of her injured Husband who had a very serious injury while wrestling in the ring. In addition to this, she also left because she felt that she want s to get pregnant and produce babies. It is revealed that Brie Bella has in mind that she will return to WWE after her child birth.

“Well, I guess the world should know I am trying,” the star said April 14. “I’m not pregnant yet … But yes, I am trying, so keep your fingers crossed.” Her return is under probability anyway.