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The injury story of WWE superstars in live events has become so critical and numerous to talk about. Over some time, people have kept asking the question, what is the cause of injury in live events?

Just reaching us, is a report from a close associate who was privileged to attend the NXT live event match in Nashville, Tennessee. The report stated that Elias Samson sustained an injury while performing in the ring.

Discussing further, he said that Elias went up to perform an action called flapjack or a stun gun when suddenly it was revealed that Elias left leg has become unable to work well like before. The referee in charge of the match quickly made an X sign and terminated the match. Elias was then helped out to be taking care of.

Well, we have not gotten any report as to whether the injury is severe or not. Also, we have not received words as when he will return to the ring, but I hope he recovers soon and make his way back to the ring.