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You agree with me that since after the deletion match against the two brothers of the Hardy’s, Jeff Hardy has not appeared on the TNA impact wrestling. Since he lost the match against ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy, he has thought it wise to remain unseen for some time before making an appearance in the impact wrestling.

That match against the two brothers has caused Jeff to give up the ‘Hardy’ name. could this be that Jeff is out due to shames and critics from fans or something other than that in a similar sense? Report states that even though he is missing the TNA shows, he still has been spotted in a few live events. What an arrangement! Jeff Hardy has been a WWE superstar before joining the TNA impact wrestling, anyway, he has been a champion in both company and his fame seems to have spread wide.

Reports state that Jeff Hardy who was a former WWE champion and even a former TNA champion appeared at Bloodymania 10 Gathering of the Juggalos event. Some fans in attendance noted that, they witnessed him behave in an odd manner. This behavior of his turns out to be as a result of excess intake of drug and the abuse of it. Fans that were present at the scene saw Jeff acting strange highlighted the following:

“I attended Bloodymania 10 tonight at the Gathering of the Juggalos, and Jeff Hardy was involved in the main event. He botched several moves over the course of the match, including one that caused

several people to be concerned for his well being. After the match Jeff went on a rampage and continuously set up tables and ladders and began drop kicking or just generally attacking and destroying the chairs and ladders. He also took a cardboard cutout of Arnold Schwarzenegger and climbed up a ladder with it, then pointed to the sky, I assume he thought it was a person he thought was dead. It was just a trainwreck of a moment for him.”

More so, Jeff Hardy clearly stated that his career contract with TNA expires February next year and he is not planning to renew it instead he plans returning to WWE ones the contract is given a halt.