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Jim Ross And Vince Mcmahon talk

During a recent edition of his Grilling’ JR podcast, Jim Ross talked discussed WWF WrestleMania 4 going up against WCW Clash Of Champions in March of 1988. He talked about how Vince McMahon is always strategizing to stop his competition, but he believes this time he has picked the wrong time to combat AEW’s growth.



“Obviously McMahon was very interested in making sure that WCW did not grow. It’s akin to what he’s doing now with AEW. Just to do what he can to prevent the growth of the brand.

Unfortunately for him, he picked a time where his business is somewhat uninteresting to a lot of people based on the ratings. Timing for him on this one is not real good.

Thank God Turners has changed so much, the organization itself with the new management and owners, that’s why we do so great on TNT. We have a team that understands the genre and grew up studying it.

Jim Ross and Vince Mcmahon discuss

I believe they’re byproducts of an era where social media was a big part of their life. There was a whole hell of a lot of people that didn’t understand the business, and now they do.

That’s why I think AEW is doing so well with Turner again because they have a different staff, they’ve been educated differently, they have skin in the game and they love the product and that helps us.

Jim Ross And Vince Mcmahon talk

We didn’t have those elements back in the day, we just didn’t have those.

It was always challenging getting up to go to work, there would be good ideas but the follow through would be absolutely abysmal.”