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The joy of the return of The Undertaker is still overwhelming the heart of the WWE Universe who have been looking forward to seeing him return to the ring again.

The last taping of SmackDown live saw the return of The Undertaker after taking some time off WWE since WrestleMania 32. It was rumored that The Undertaker had retired from pro wrestling due to the fact that he was angry with Vince McMahon who asked him to lose to his son Shane McMahon at the event.

Well, the past is gone and now The Undertaker is back to the ring. During his speech, it was reported that he made mention of something that struck the whole audience in attendance at SmackDown live. He admonished the whole talents of the SmackDown brand to ensure that they gain victory over RAW and also told them what it meant to lose at Survivor Series.

After SmackDown live went off air, it was reported that Kane and The Undertaker had reunite. These veterans were known as Brothers of Destructions because of their legendary works and skills in the ring of the WWE.

More so, reuniting after SmackDown means a lot to the WWE Universe because it is obvious that there would be a tap of destruction in the WWE before WrestleMania 33. Well, let’s watch and see WWE plans for the Brothers of Destruction. It is going to be very hot having these men come back as teammates. What do you think?