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Bray Wyatt being a SmackDown live superstar seems to be a minor player in his brand as Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles has been made the chief superstars of the SmackDown Live. Bray has been an ebullient superstar in the WWE for a very long time and teaming with his tag teammates, they have accomplished notable victories and achievements.

More so, when The Wyatt Family burst onto the scene in July 2013, they captivated the audience and looked set to inject some life into what was a monotonous and stale product in WWE at the time. They did at first with a debuting feud with Kane followed by working memorable programs against established top tier talents in Daniel Bryan and John Cena, that put the family, and Bray, in particular, on the map. It signified to the audience that these were men that were to be taken seriously going forward.

But now here we are in 2016 and the aforementioned Cena and Bryan feuds are still Bray Wyatt’s most significant contributions to date. It has been a slow decline for Wyatt since this time and I believe it all started at WrestleMania 30 when he lost his marquee match against John Cena.

A victory against WWE’s biggest star of the last decade would have solidified Wyatt as a premier talent and would have elevated not just Bray, but anyone that he feuded with thereafter. Instead, we got the predictable John Cena victory which set Wyatt back and pushed him down the card. You could argue that he didn’t reach the current level again until the following year’s WrestleMania when he challenged The Undertaker and he would lose again.
It is revealed that Bray Wyatt has really gone down and needs a rising up again. But how will that ever happen when he has been separated from his Wyatt family during the brand extension. Anyway, we hope he comes up with something better for himself in the future.