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The ravishing Russian, Lana made her in ring debut into WWE at WrestleMania 32 AT&T Stadium in Dallas and ever since her debut, the diva has never competed again until last weekend when she had another match at an NXT live event in St. Petersburg.

A recent video on YOU TUBE with WWE host Cathy Kelley indicated that Lana may be leaving her client and husband Rusev from the WWE main roster to NXT to work as a full time wrestler. Report has it that WWE posted the video on their YouTube channel, suggesting that The Ravishing Russian may be going into developmental to work on her in-ring skills.

Lately, Lana was booked in a match against a new signee Mary Dobson. It was revealed that during the match, fans made Lana seemed more like a babyface with the ways her name was chanted. Fortunately, Lana won the match using her finisher move Lana Bomb.

More so, now that this has come up and Lana heading for NXT, would she still be the manager of her husband Rusev? Rusev is currently having a feud with Big Cass and Enzo Amore and this feud did resulted more from Lana’s hotel segment with Enzo.
WWE is really showing interest in the Divas wrestling career and wants to see her emerge a better wrestler in the future and with the look of things, she might have a good and interesting singles career after heading to NXT.