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It has come to our notice lately that the WWE crew is not respecters of anybody most especially the boss himself, Vince McMahon.

Lots of employees have been shown the door from the company lately and it seems that was not enough, WWE has gone ahead in the releasing of more top employees from the Company.

It is revealed that it was on the 8th of August that Joey Styles was fired by the WWE. But before he was released, he appeared on a Question and Answer segment with Cathy Kelly which was done few days before he was fired. Styles did the Question and Answer with boldness and fearing nothing at all revealing the truth. It is super obvious that Styles was fired because of this interview.

More so, In the interview, Styles spoke about the NXT Women’s Champion, Asuka, being the best striker amongst the women in NXT and how they might have to go and recruit someone from outside to find a striker as good as her. He also goes on to mention that there are several women in developmental who aren’t even on NXT television.

He says that Finn Balor is the next big thing in WWE. Styles also asked wrestlers to stop doing suicide dives, because almost everyone does it in the roster now and is not a special thing anymore. On being asked about coming back as a commentator, Styles replied that he would like to return as a commentator to call a women’s match.

He talks that both brands i.e. RAW and Smackdown Live should have their own titles and brand them like NXT for e.g. WWE RAW championship and WWE Smackdown championship. He also mentioned him not liking the three-man announcing teams explaining that as wrestling moves fast it doesn’t work with a three-man team.

He goes on to mention his preference for PG as opposed to PG-13, The New Day being a cash machine for the WWE, Roman Reigns being pushed down the fans’ throats, WWE not catering to the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community), and his favourite indie wrestler which is none other than Lucha Underground’s very own, Joey Ryan. However, Styles thinks that Joey Ryan’s character will be too difficult to put on a PG show and WWE will have to tone it down.