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Its no secret that Mick Foley has given fans a lot of memorable moments over the course of his storied career in The WWE, but his announcement this Monday Night on Raw could be the biggest of all.

While that will be a tall order to fill given the fact that Mick Foley has delivered fans some of the greatest and most jaw dropping moments in WWE history, the announcement he will be making on Raw will truly go down as his most memorable moment to date. Fortunately for The WWE, it will also go down as one of the best decisions the company has ever made.

Rumor has it that Charlotte and Sasha Banks are set to square off in the first ever Hell in a Cell match for The Woman’s title and while it has not been confirmed as of this writing, it is strongly believed that the match will be announced Monday night on Raw by General Manager, Mick Foley.

If true, the announcement would come only one week after Charlotte and Sasha Banks went one on one in the first woman’s main event in over a decade and would truly be a huge milestone for the Woman’s division. Not only that, it would also open the door to other similar match types in the future and could be the catalyst for a woman’s main event match during a pay per view.

With that being said, the credit shouldn’t go solely to WWE Officials here, it belongs to Charlotte and Sasha Banks, who have both put on stunning performances over the last couple of months. From the top rope flip by Charlotte onto Sasha Banks to the incredible backstabber out of nowhere by Banks to win back The Woman’s title, the match the two woman had last week was one of the their best and was truly deserving of the main event slot. This and the fact that WWE has already made a lot of history with the woman’s division over the past year or so is more then enough of reason to finally give these woman the rightful spot on The Hell in Cell card they