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Dean Ambrose and Sasha Banks

When he returned to WWE’s main roster, ECW legend Rhyno had a semi-successful run in a tag-team with Heath Slater, even becoming the inaugural SmackDown Live Tag-Team Champions.

But since then Rhyno has barely been a fixture on WWE television. Now it seems he won’t ever be a fixture on television again as he appears to have left the company.

Rhyno’s career in WWE definitely seemed to be winding down with the Superstar himself revealing in recent interviews that his contract expired in July and that there wasn’t a new deal in place for him to stay.

It seems that not only could a new deal be reached between WWE and Rhyno, but that the WWE may have granted the Superstar an early release from their contract because he has since been quietly removed from the ‘Current Superstars’ section of the WWE Website.

Rhyno joins Hideo Itami and Tye Dillinger as a list of names to be granted their release by WWE in recent months (although Rhyno is, as yet, unconfirmed). It has also been reported that the Revival, Sasha Banks and others have also requested their release.

Here are major stars who could leave WWE sooner than later.

Sasha Banks Finally Leaving WWE

WWE Superstar Sasha Banks
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This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter brought a fresh update in the complicated case of Sasha Banks’ WWE future, with Dave Meltzer writing that ‘The Boss’ attempted to quit the promotion over WrestleMania 35 weekend.

That said, Sasha Banks has reportedly been given a few weeks to “figure things out,” with the company hoping that she’ll reconsider, and ultimately decide to stay.

# Dean Ambrose Offered Massive Deal to Leave WWE

Dean Ambrose is done with WWE. No twists, no last-minute swerves, nothing. All hopes of a change of mind were squashed on Raw and now, the attention shifts towards the former WWE Champion’s next move.

Slice Wrestling reports that AEW have offered Ambrose an outrageously lucrative deal to join the upstart promotion, which would see him earn even more than Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

# Dana Brooke WWE Release
Dana Brooke is a former fitness model and bodybuilder who must have seemed like the perfect fit for the role of a WWE Diva.

Unfortunately, she came into the WWE about the same time as less of an emphasis was being put on women’s looks and more on their wrestling ability. The women’s evolution has meant that now it takes in ring talent to truly be pushed to a prominent role in the company.

Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura’s WWE contract expires at some point later this year, and NJPW is reportedly interested in bringing him back, though it’s not exactly clear how interested Nakamura is in returning to his home country.

While Nakamura has moved his entire family to the United States, you have to wonder how satisfied he is with the way he’s been booked since debuting on the main roster nearly two years. After all, he has gradually fallen down the card over the course of that two-year period, going from WWE title contender and Royal Rumble winner to completely forgotten United States Champion to tag team wrestler who hasn’t had a worthwhile storyline in half a year.

At least traditionally, WWE has shied away from pushing stars who are on their way out, and judging by the way Nakamura has not been pushed for some time now, his departure wouldn’t be a huge shocker.

Chances of Shinsuke Nakamura Leaving WWE: Questionable

Alicia Fox WWE Release

Alicia Fox WWE

Alica Fox showed up intoxicated to a WWE live event and Arn Anderson let her wrestle anyway. However, only Arn Anderson was fired for this offense.

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From multiple reports, the WWE Universe wants Alicia Fox to leave: everybody seems to be fed up with her.

The Revival

The Revival requested its WWE release earlier this year, and though the talented duo has since become Raw Tag Team Champions, the booking of them on TV hasn’t changed much.

While WWE demonstrated with its massive financial offer to Dean Ambrose that it will shell out big bucks to prevent young, well-rounded stars from leaving, The Revival remains unsure of their WWE future.

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It would undoubtedly be a big blow to WWE’s already thin tag team division for The Revival to leave, despite the fact that they haven’t been pushed all that well. The thing about The Revival is that they’d fit incredibly well in just about every other major wrestling company, including New Japan Pro-Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling, where tantalizing matchups with The Young Bucks and The Lucha Brothers would await.

WWE hasn’t indicated that it has any intention of remaining committed to giving the tag team division a serious push in the long term, so The Revival, whose contracts expire next year, could depart sooner than expected, much like Tye Dillinger and Hideo Itami recently did.

Chances of The Revival Leaving: Questionable