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A video was posted by WWE of Natalya and Nikki Bella having a noisy fight just after Nikki Bella arrived for the episode of SmackDown which was in Toledo, OH. Report has it that Natalya confronts Nikki but Nikki swings first, then Natalya attacks.

The last episode of the WWE SmackDown live saw a very great happenings even before the show started. Nikki Bella made a majestic arrival to the show and received a huge attack from former women’s champion Natalya.

As reported before now, Nikki Bella returned to the hospital for checkup. The diva was off the WWE ring due to a neck injury which required surgeryof which the surgery turned out to be successful. Nikki heads to the hospital for her six-month check-in and her final CAT scan to see how her neck is healing.

“I can’t believe it’s already my six-month appointment,” Nikki says. “I’m just praying so hard that my final CAT scan clears me because I wanna get drafted.” This indicated that Nikki is just so disturbed about the upcoming draft as she may not be drafted if not medically cleared.