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The stories about dating and breakups in the WWE is becoming a thing that should be closely examined before it truly results into something else and thus causing great troubles among wrestlers in their real life affairs.

The women champion Charlotte was in a relationship with a TNA wrestler known as Bram and not quite long, we discovered that there have been a crash between the both of them and a divorce has been reached without further ado leaving Charlotte free for date.

The WWE wrestler Alberto Del Rio returned to the company last year October after some time. Although, nobody thought that he would have interest in any relationship or affiliations with any Diva but to our greatest surprise he fell in love with Charlotte who he found empty because of the divorce. They dated for long.

Lately, we heard that Alberto Del Rio is now in a relationship with another Diva wrestler Paige, no one knew when and why his relationship with Charlotte finally ended all we hear now is that both Charlotte and Paige are now in conflicts over Alberto Del Rio. This is serious!

Now the Vince McMahon has gotten involved in the conflict of both diva wrestlers having in mind to fix them in a feud. So, this means that after the Charlotte vs. Naltaya match, it would be Charlotte vs. Paige.