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Few days ago it was reported that Alberto Del Rio has been suspended for violating the WWE wellness policy and will be away from the WWE for 30 days, according to the policy demands.

The day the news of Alberto Del Rio’s suspension came, it was stated that the WWE was yet to confirm the suspension which was supposed to be done the next day after his suspension. On the day of the confirmation, the WWE also announced that Del Rio’s girlfriend, Paige who was the two time WWE Divas champion has also been suspended due to same reason.

Well, before the suspension of the two lovers, the company has ever wanted them to separate from each other and by trying to enforce this, the drafted the two of them into separate brands during the recent brand extension of the company. Paige seems to love Alberto Del Rio so much and can do anything just to keep him as her boyfriend which includes leaving the company once Del Rio leaves.

It is certain that Paige could not withstand the fact that her boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio and so, she also had to violate the company’s wellness policy so she can be suspended as well. The vice president of the WWE, Triple H seems not to like Alberto Del Rio to some extent and would do anything to make sure he leaves the company with immediate effect. Alberto Del Rio’s contract with the company expires on October this year and it is obvious that once his contract expires, he calls it a career with the WWE.

More so, Triple H has before now, stated that Alberto Del Rio is a bad influence to the 23 year old Diva Paige and has been doing everything within his reach to execute this plan. But as it is now, the former WWE Diva champion is ready to go where ever her boyfriend goes.