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It was shocking news to have heard that Paul Heyman’s contract in the WWE has expired and that there is no possibility of renewing the contract because the future of Brock Lesnar was not known as at then.
Even now there have been no discussions as concerning his contract with the WWE even though the return of Brock Lesnar has been announced.

Paul Heyman is the manager of Brock Lesnar always seen around Lesnar in any match being in the WWE or elsewhere. I wonder how it will now look like seeing Lesnar without Paul Heyman.

Lately, we reported that Brock Lesnar was drafted into RAW and the continuity thereof is sure because his MMA career is still been considered due to the failed drug test which he had. If it be in WWE, you say that Brock Lesnar failed the wellness policy which is due for penalty. But will Lesnar be penalized? A fat no, because Vince McMahon stated that the policy only affects talents who are full timers and not part timers and it is clear that Lesnar wrestles on part time bases.

Although the news of Lesnar’s return has been confirmed, there is no news on the future of his advocate Paul Heyman. Heyman’s contract with WWE was up and he was not drafted to either brand or attached to Lesnar. But when Lesnar takes centre stage, Heyman has to be there or the excitement level won’t be the same. One can hope that a deal to bring him back will be worked out before next week’s Raw.

There is pretty nothing the WWE can do to separate Lesnar from Paul Heyman. The best idea for them now is just to take him back and make him work again as the advocate of The Beast, Brock Lesnar. Well, there is every possibility that this will happen on next week’s episode of Monday night RAW.