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The injury of this top WWE Diva has was tough to an extent that she needs to go for surgery before she can take full form of how she were before the injury hits her at live event.

Emma a top WWE Diva was re-debuted into the company’s rooster of main event fighters in march this year and she has been the direct rivalry of Becky Lynch and the cause of this rivalry is because they once a quarrel where Emma claimed that Becky stole her right to take her place in the company.

This fight has lasted for a very long time and the company was forced to debut Dana Brooke who later joined side with Emma. For some time now the appearance of Emma has been limited due to a very serious back injury which she sustained. And according to the WWE, Emma will undergo surgery.

According to Zack Ryder, Emma’s boy friend, Emma reported that she is doing better. She underwent a successful surgery although it has not been revealed as to the date she is returning to the ring but all we know is that she is fine and at home relaxing until her return. See what Emma said below: