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Bill Goldberg is one name that everyone admires so much when it comes to wrestling and beyond. It is revealed that Bill Goldberg left The WWE in 2004 and most fans did not know the cause of him quitting his career with the WWE.

Recently, Bill Goldberg appeared at one of the recent Steve Austin show podcast at and he just felt revealing the reason why he left the WWE, he just could not hold it back anymore. Below are what he said:

“ There were a lot of factors it wasn’t fun for me anymore and up in the WWE, I always felt there was something fighting against me … whether I was Paranoid and whatever it is.. I felt very annoyed by the people in the business and it turned out to not be very much fun for me …If I felt that though the work I put forward, the monetary gain that I got was great but life is not always about money, I wasn’t having fun anymore.

The only thing I have enjoyed is going out there pressing some dudes, dropping him, spearing the guys and walking out of the ring and grabbing a kid, handing him a belt, picking up over my head and making him smile and forget about every single thing that is going on in his life.

That’s what I miss about it. But when I have a match and beat Rosey the hero that I come out and grab a five year old kid picking up and it was awesome.. But When I walk to the back and pass Rosey.. who is one of the best dudes, it was like shitt…And here I am, the turn of good guy and super hero for the kids speaking about capitol hill, I know it’s fun to work. But again there is good and bad… this side and that side.. and it’s just the straw that broke the camel’s back”.