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Since after the return of Bill Goldberg to RAW, the news has news has been on every side of social Medias. Several media houses are reporting several what they think is right and while others are just predicting.

Bill Goldberg will face Brock Lesnar at the forth coming Survivor Series and this has been a huge match teasing all around town. Lesnar and Goldberg had been top rivals for years and it is revealed that Goldberg left WWE after his match against The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. Goldberg’s match against Lesnar marked his last match then.

Now, the return of Bill Goldberg has brought back old memories and we are just recalling what had happened as if it just transpired. In the match, Goldberg defeated Lesnar clean and that was a surprising victory to all in the WWE Universe because it is believed that nobody can win Lesnar even The Undertaker.

Well, should we judge the future with the past? Anyway, the answer to the question may seem ambiguous to a very large extent. Goldberg may or may not win Lesnar at survivor series like as he did 12 years ago. Lesnar may just let him down.

Furthermore, Brock Lesnar has been wrestling since 12 years and who knows where Bill Goldberg is coming from? The fact that Brock Lesnar had been in the ring since the departure of Bill Goldberg, could have given him lots and lots of experiences both in MMA and in WWE.

This could stand as a very big advantage for Lesnar who may just win Bill Goldberg. The time for the match is fast approaching and we shall soon what the outcome of it would be. Tell me, what are your expectations like?