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AJ Styles has been longing to be one of the WWE world heavyweight champions of his time but it seemed that his whole effort of trying to make a win against Roman Reigns was in futility.

The much expected WWE Backlash which is said to be the first SmackDown PPV has come and gone bringing to pass all that was expected. Dean Ambrose lost to AJ Styles and made the dreams of AJ came to pass in the WWE. The Backlash sent people home happy and it was recorded that it was a hit event show of its kind.

Before Backlash anyway, reports stated that Dean Ambrose was not fit for a long title run in the WWE because his tenure as the WWE world heavyweight champion did attracts low SmackDown ratings which means that he just have to give up the title for another to step in and may be that was really happen at the WWE Backlash. AJ Styles used a low blow followed by a Styles Clash to win the title.

More so, after the match, AJ Styles was asked if his legacy is tarnished because of the way he won the title. Styles noted that he’s a winner and he finds a way to win. This was his statement, “One way or another, I am the champion, I am in the history books as WWE World Heavyweight Champion,”