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The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns seems to have really fallen in favor in sight of the boss of the WWE Company Vince McMahon due to the incident that recently befell him in his career.

According to report, WWE has in mind to make the former champion the new John Cena of the company but this seems to have grown grey. The report also states that Roman Reigns still remains the poster boy of WWE. The prior reason why Roman Reigns won’t get a heel turn is because he always performs for a house divided.

Well, more reports states that Reigns will remain where he was. The incident which is really causing all this mess is just because of the 30 days suspension which started on June 21st for a Wellness Policy violation. It is revealed that the suspension is for 30 days because it is his first violation of the wellness policy.

After the suspension, it was revealed that the test result showed that there were amphetamines found in his system, in addition to marijuana, though the latter carries just a fine. Well, soon or later, the suspension will expire and we hope to see him in the Triple Threat Match against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose WWE World Heavyweight Championship on July 24th at Battleground.

Reports states that in the WWE money in the Bank event, Roman Reigns may not retain his title as the WWE has planned to take him to the redemption where he has to start a fresh struggle and ensure he wins back the lost respects and more. All the same, we strongly believe that Roman Reigns will definitely survive it and make his way back to retaining his championship title back. Come what may, I believe that it is a dream come true.