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There is no doubt to the fact that the former WWE world heavyweight champion Roman Reigns is a handsome man and a tough superstar who really deserves to be loved.

Roman Reigns is a superstar that cheer the fan by his actions even though it is said that he has poor mic skills and all that. Fans both female and male all loves the former champion and would want to go close to him any time he avails himself.

It was shocking for Roman Reigns when one of his female fans wanted him to touch her breasts in the presence of a crowd.

There is nothing more deadly than emotional forces. When such forces sparked fire within an individual, he loses the ability to reason and act rationally. This was just the scenario with one of Roman Reigns female fans who made frantic effort for Reigns to grab her boobs as captured in the video below.

It all happened few days ago at the entrance of WWE TLC pay-per-view when Reigns was pushing through crowds to make his way into the venue. Somehow a woman made her way into the very front line of Reigns’ path and somewhat motioned him to twist her around and snake his hand over her breasts. But good thing for the resilient and highly disciplined Superstar, he just ignored her and walked past.

Would you call this broad day light seduction or mere infatuation? What could be more embarrassing! What could be odder for a man of the caliber of Reigns to experience this harassment from a crazy fan! Yes we know Reigns is cute and looks breathtaking but she wouldn’t have to do it just like that. Anywhere! Well, that phase is gone now and we hope it doesn’t repeat itself. We hope so, we really do.