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With the recent happenings in the WWE, we can vividly say that with the WWE, nothing shall be impossible.

It has come to my awareness that whatsoever is teased outside whether false or true rumors happens to be a reality in the WWE. Roman Reigns has been one of the happiest superstars in the company and also a champion right from his NXT days.

It was recently announced that the WWE has teased a group of matches pitting current superstars against athletes from other sports. Among them, a match featuring Roman Reigns vs. Conor McGregor was teased.

Obviously, it’s not the first time that McGregor’s name has been mixed in with news of professional wrestlers and may not be the last. In fact, another current superstar has some thoughts about the mixed martial arts star and a good way for Vince McMahon to incorporate him into the wrestling ring.

This match looks real and we are expecting to see it come to pass sooner than later. But if eventually the match came to pass, what would be your predictions? How do you think the match is going end? Let’s watch out for it soon.