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The former WWE women’s champion Sasha Banks had a very short reign of 27 days as a champion. It is obvious that the WWE Women’s Championship is now Raw Women’s Championship.

Sasha Banks won the title from Charlotte and also lost it to Charlotte at the second biggest PPV of the year Summerslam. After the Summerslam event, WWE announced that sasha Banks has been pulled for 33 days due to injury and so many fans thought that she has been suspended for violation the company’s wellness policy.

After her departure had been announced by the WWE, people began to wonder who will take up with Charlotte for the women’ championship title; and then the newly debuted Bayley came to mind as many thought that she will be in for a main event push and that she will be contending for the women’s champion against Charlotte at Clash of Champions.

It is revealed that Sasha Banks showed up on the last episode of the Monday night RAW to announce that she has a bad news to tell her fans and the entire WWE universe. She addressed the audience and her speech sounded like a retirement speech on the onset and fans became afraid and disturbed but later on, Dana Brooke showed and Sasha Banks attacked her and said that the “bad news” was for Charlotte, as she was returning and cashing in her rematch at Clash of Champions.