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Former WWE Champion Alberto El Patron, better known to WWE fans as Alberto Del Rio took to Periscope recently and commented on the outrageous racism that he believes TNA Impact doesn’t have within its ranks.

According to what Alberto had said, Impact Wrestling seems to be an amazing show and that talent from every country and race is treated equally in the promotion, unlike his former company.

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Alberto el Patron has been abusing WWE publicly for a while now and has accused them of being racists and treating him unfairly. Most of his hate is directed at Triple H and even though Paige still works for the promotion, they rarely shy away from taking shots at the WWE management.

According to reports, Alberto del Rio had recently learnt how to use Periscope and posted an abusive rant on the WWE and Triple H while walking through the streets of New York City. This time, however, he tried to be a little discreet and praised Impact Wrestling – the promotion that he is currently employed to – for treating people equally irrespective of their nationality and the colour of their skin, unlike other promotions.

If it wasn’t obvious that he was accusing WWE of racism, Paige informed Alberto that she still works for the ‘other promotion’ he was referring, giving away the actual recipient of Alberto’s verbal slander.

Be that as it may, WWE Divas Paige, has been slated to return to WWE soon after recovering from her injuries but at this rate, it looks like WWE might have a hard time accepting her back since they already are in bad terms with her fiancé. Participating in this such a hateful outburst with Alberto will only lessen her chances of being drafted back in the WWE roster.